Ramcast: Diving into the Navy with Petty Officer Dewitt

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marquis Dewitt is a Navy Recruiter who came to show us a few facts about the Navy


Welcome back to the Ramcast, our goal is to humanize teachers and staff while also learning some unique information we can share . In this episode of the Ramcast we interviewed Petty Officer 2nd Class Marquis Dewitt, a recruiter for the Navy. We talked about his experiences with the navy, the pros and cons , and how you join/how to contact him.

In this episode we learn things like what MEPS is and the whole process when you join. We talk about Petty Officer 2nd Class Marquis Dewitt’s experience with bootcamp and his crazy story’s with the Navy.

Featured guest 

  1. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marquis Dewitt – He has been in the Navy around 12 years, he is relevant to Rogers Highschool because he is a Navy recruiter who comes to our school looking for young adults who would like to serve in the Navy. He is a funny, strong minded, easy to talk to person.  He will always be straight to the point and honest about whatever you ask him. If you want to reach him his work phone number is in the podcast!!!

Ramcast team 

  • Hailey Castleman Dylan Sharp – Co-producers/Co-hosts
  • Dylon Siring – Lead engineer

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