Ramcast: Getting to know the real Connie and Danny

The interesting stories behind the RHS security team.


Photo by Hailey Castleman

Connie Richardson (left) and Danny Wolfe (second from left) joined the Ramcast with Dylan Sharp (second from right) and Hailey Castleman.

Welcome to the first ever Ramcast! Rogers’ very own podcast, hosted by Hailey Castleman and Dylan Sharp. With this podcast, we are trying to humanize the teachers and staff here at Rogers and show the students that they aren’t just the people we have to see every day because we must come to school. We want students to see a different side to the staff and teachers and share things about them that students otherwise wouldn’t probably get to know about them.

In this episode, we will be talking to Connie Richardson and Dan Wolfe, the security staff here. Topics covered include Connie’s weird nicknames, how the basketball season is looking, Dan’s TikTok page, open campus lunch, weird security stories, their previous careers, daily life, and more.

Featured guests

  1. Connie – The head of our security team and basketball coach. He is the loudest voice in the room, because he  just puts himself out there with comedy and jokes. When you hear Connie you know you’re gonna hear something funny.
  2. Danny – Connie’s other half . He has good school spirit, and always is patrolling our school for our safety. He runs a famous TikTok page. Danny also used to be a part-time firemen.

Ramcast team

  • Hailey Castleman and Dylan Sharp – Co-producers/Co-hosts
  • Dylon Siring – Lead engineer