Ramcast: Kris Cosme on ‘the spirit of Rogers’

Cosme is a biology teacher at rogers high school who came on to share her craziest RHS stories.


Welcome back to the Ramcast, where our goal is to humanize teachers and staff while also learning some unique information we can share. In this episode of the Ramcast, we interviewed Kris Cosme, biology teacher and the advisor for Rambassidors. We talked to her about her pompoms, the Friday fight song, crazy Rogers stories, and so much more!

Featured guest 

  1.  Kris Cosme is a biology teacher at Rogers who has been teaching at Rogers for 18 years and 22 years overall. She also went to high school here and her dad was the athletic director so she has been in the Ramily for a long time! Cosme is the most spirted, and you wont catch her without a smile on her face whenever you walk by her classroom.

Ramcast team

  • Hailey Castleman – Co-producer/Co-host
  • Dylan Sharp – Co-producer/Co-host/Editor