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Patrcia Dao redefines success


You probably know Patricia Dao.  She’s the one advocating for exclusive senior parking slots with the principal. She’s the one running meetings for Key Club and National Honor Society. She’s your ASB vice president who some might catch dozing off in at least two of her six AP classes. By many measures, Dao is not an unfamiliar face. 

As a senior, Dao’s extensive days are fueled by 2-hour power naps and hopes for the best. With officer roles in ASB, Key Club, Ambassadors, and NHS, Dao is not just well known within countless school organizations, but also an extremely accomplished student. 

“She’s involved in a lot of things, and I think that’s very impressive,” said Lily Isom, an RHS senior. 

But she doesn’t just limit herself to conquering leadership roles within the halls of Rogers. Dao has pursued opportunities in the Puyallup School District, working for the district’s technology advisory committee and as a technology assistant. Along with that, she has also been part of the ACE mentorship program during her senior year. 

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“It’s all fun in its own way,” said Dao. “It’s not fun in the way you’re watching a movie. It’s fun in the way that you’re growing and developing your skills.” 

As a Vietnamese American, Dao is the first in her family to pursue a four-year university. Her parents both immigrated to the United States from Vietnam, leaving it to Dao to navigate through the American education system herself. Her spur to partake in so many activities comes from her demand to create a profile that will help her land a successful career. 

“I want to be able to provide for me and my parents and help them retire early,” Dao said. “And because I know they worked really hard to get to where they are now.” 

“She’s driven,” said Andrew Schwebke, Dao’s chemistry teacher. 

However, her experiences in building a future for herself have not come easy. In her classes and internships, Dao feels she has had to put in more effort because of her Vietnamese heritage. 

“I feel like being a person of color, you have to work harder to prove yourself,” Dao said. “It’s made me redefine my expectations of success.” 

Despite her extensive involvement within and beyond the halls of Rogers, Dao’s drive reinvents what it means to be successful. But while the titles and awards are great, her relationships with her family and friends are what stick out to her. 

“My entire high school life, I used it to pursue academics instead of relationships with my friends and family,” Dao said. “I have to work hard. But, it’s still a lingering regret in my mind.” 

It sounds unrealistic to be involved in so much and simultaneously remain sane. Yet, through tough insomniac nights and constant back-to-back duties, Dao’s peers still consider her to be a patient and sympathetic person. 

 “Patricia is way too nice,” said RHS junior Juna Lee. “She’s always willing to help me when I ask her about college or anything else. I do look up to her.” 

When Dao graduates from Rogers, she hopes that when her name is brought to light, it doesn’t spark visions of awards or leadership roles. Her biggest hope is that other students see her as someone who knows every New Jeans song, and someone who advocates that humans can be nocturnal. 

Dao acknowledges her achievements. But above all, she would like to be known for her character. 

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