Andrea Blair prepares for busy senior year

Running start, babysitting, and work leave little time for social activities.


Photo by Eiliyah Carnahan

Andrea Blair at Ruston waterfront.

Andrea Blair is a student at Rogers who currently has a full schedule for her upcoming senior year, beginning Running Start at Pierce College next year while also working a part time job babysitting and her regular job at Golden Corral. During her summer break she will prepare for her new schedule and save money to be comfortable.

“This is my last summer before college I want to spend time making memories with friends,” Blair said.

Summer will be full of bonfires and camping for Blair. Also starting some babysitting on the side. This new year will be a busy one for Blair, but her friends are here to support her through it all. Her friends will be there for her.

“Andrea is my best friend, she’s always been there for me, and I’ll always be there for her. I know she has a lot of goals and a busy schedule for her senior year, but I will always be there for her to support her and help her whenever she needs it,” Eiliyah Carnahan said.

“Andrea is a kind supportive friend and I know she is taking on a lot but she can handle it,” Rejae Williams said.

The load of work and schoolwork will be a lot, Blair has plans to manage this. Maintaining social life with friends is also a goal of Blair’s.

“I want to be able to hang out with my friends and catch up on a daily basis if no weekly,” Blair said.

Blair has a great balance of social life and work life. Parties are always fun at her house, and she loves to plan group events to hang out with friends. The events consist of bonfires, sleepovers, holiday parties and many more.

Classes she will be taking next year consist of complex courses like nursing. Blair’s goal is to be a nurse out of college following in families footsteps.

“I’m excited to take a step closer to my nursing career,” Blair said.

Blair is also involved in the AVID program here. This program has prepared her for advanced classes and college readiness. With avid she has volunteered in College Fair and Decision Day. Decision Day is a day Rogers celebrates its seniors and their college they will attend. Blair will be participating in this event next year representing Pierce College.

The year will be full of fun events and achievements for Blair. On school days she will be babysitting. As well as football managing in the fall and potentially the wrestling manger later in the year.

Blair is ready for an exciting full senior year. She plans on making it her best and she’s ready for all the ups and downs.