Make the first shot in Archery Club

One of the newest at Rogers High School has big plans for the future.


Photo by Jordys Stringer

Archery Club members practicing accuracy with their bows. If they hit all the targets, they earn a burger from club adviser Jon Cerio.

Many students are unaware that Archery Club has been brought to Rogers High School. Archery club is run by ACE Academy teacher Jon Cerio, and it is located at the top of the gym every Tuesday.

With little to no experience, going into this can be a little scary. Once you walk in, whistles are blowing, arrows are being shot through the air, and voices of encouragement echo in the gym walls. You can see many people enjoying themselves.

Cerio will come up to newcomers and highly encourage them to participate, because usually at first everyone is a little nervous. He personally works with them on safety, going through all the steps on how to use a bow.

Everyone in the club makes people feel very welcome, and no one is judgmental. The first time shooting a bow is a little difficult – the bow is shaky in your hands and sways back and forth a little.

Cerio stays to help newbies out until they are comfortable enough to do it on their own. It takes a bit of arm strength, but after each shot it gets easier and the love for shooting expands. It doesn’t last too long, but when it’s over you just want to pick up the bow again.

Originally the idea of Archery Club was hard to get through to the school due to all the safety hazards. After risk management and 12 hours of training at the range, it was allowed.

Cerio has had prior experience before this club and has been trying to bring archery to Rogers High School for a while. He highly recommends archery to any student at Rogers High School, saying, “It’s a club that anybody of any size and any ability can compete in and be successful.”

Archery Club is going to be at Rogers High School next year, September 2023, hopefully looking to expand its members and possibly making it more competitive.

Ideas of field trips to other ranges outside school has been brought up for more practice and building skill. Cerio says he would like to make things competitive and go against people in state for the future.