Curtis Carlisle: The force behind the 4A Washington state wrestling championship triumph

Title winner describes his path to victory.

Curtis Carlisle raises his arms in triumph after winning a state title.

Photo by Carlisle family

Curtis Carlisle raises his arms in triumph after winning a state title.

In a stunning display of talent, determination, and unwavering spirit, high school student Curtis Carlisle, a junior, emerged as the driving force for his remarkable victory in the 4A Washington State wrestling championship final match. Carlisle showed his exceptional skill and indomitable will to succeed, etching his name into the books of wrestling history by winning the 106-pound weight class at Mat Classic XXXIV at the Tacoma Dome in February.  

His journey was one faced with many challenges, but his dedication and probability proved that dreams can be turned into a reality with unwavering tenacity.   

Carlisle’s ascent to the top was not without its trials and tribulations. He spent endless hours in grueling training, both mentally and physically, which formed the backbone of his preparation  

“I  train every day during wrestling season and off season about four days out of the week,” he said. 

Teammate Matthew Ager said, “Curtis is one of the most impressive wrestlers I have seen and that is definitely because of all his time training”. 

His unwavering commitment to perfecting his craft involved engaging in intense workouts and pushing his body to his limits. The desire to be the best became an important part of his life.  

With each passing tournament, Carlisle’s skills grew exponentially. Despite being faced by formidable opponents on the mat, he refused to let loss or self-doubt hinder his progress. Instead, he turned those losses into an opportunity for growth, learning from each defeat and becoming a stronger and smarter wrestler than before. His unyielding spirit was the secret weapon that propelled him forward.  

“My mindset during practice is my opponent is probably working harder than me so I try to push myself harder and harder everyday,” Carlisle said.

He knew he wanted the title, and he was going to show it.  

As the state wrestling championship approached, all wrestlers and fans together were filled with anticipation. The wrestling community buzzed with excitement, eager to witness the culmination of months of intense training and dedication. Carlisle entered the arena ready to show everyone what he trained for. He wanted to put his name in the wrestling history books.  

Curtis Carlisle standing number 1 on the podium

Match after match, Carlisle demonstrated a breathtaking showcase of skill, strength, and strategy. Every takedown, pin, and escape displayed his insanely perfect planning and unwavering commitment to excellence. The wrestlers, coaches, and fans all around were astonished as they all cheered whenever he overcame what seemed like impossible challenges.  

The final bout arrived, and everyone surrounding them held their breath in anticipation. Carlisle stepped onto to mat; his eyes fixed on the prize that drives him relentlessly for months. Every move he executed was done with precision and unwavering conviction. The match came to an end, and Carlisle stood tall, triumphantly raising his arms in victory.  

Carlisle, the Washington state wrestling champion, showed everyone how hard work and dedication paid off.  

Carlisle stated “I felt really good to win state because sophomore year I took 5th place, so I just wanted to prove to myself I was better than that. 

Standing proudly Carlisle, the new Washington state wrestling champion.