Job boards throughout the halls of RHS helping kids find work

The postings feature well-known employers looking for employees.


Rogers High School’s career center has recently created a job board that compiles a wide range of opportunities for students to join the workforce. Career specialist Richard Mitchell explained that the job board has been incredibly useful for the school and its students. 

“We can only post jobs from vetted companies meaning, a place like Crockett’s or McDonald’s or Boeing or places like that. So we no longer post an individual’s yard work, stuff like that because we don’t really know who those people are,” Mitchell said.

One of the primary benefits of the job board is that it helps students find work with easy access. Students in need of a job can find all of the requirements and details on the flyers posted. All the jobs on the board are in need of workers, so they really are one call away.

“We don’t really go out and look for jobs to post, it’s really whatever comes to us. So if a place contacts us or emails us then we’ll post it,” Mitchell said.

Taking an application and getting a job also introduces opportunities to fill free time, meet new people, and make some money.

Ryan Joseph, a sophomore at Rogers High School, is one of the students who has benefited from the job board. Joseph currently works at a McDonald’s and has experienced the immense impact that it has had on his after-school life.

“Beginning a job can be tough, but I’ve met so many interesting people, and I’ve made lots of money in the process. Lots of regulars come in and its great to get to know them. The job gives me something else to do when I’m not playing basketball or schoolwork,” Joseph said.

Working at McDonald’s has given Joseph a sense of community and belonging. He feels like he is a part of something that promotes health, wellness, and learning, which is a sentiment that is shared by many students who work in general. The job board has made it possible Joseph to gain valuable skills and experience while making a positive impact on his life as a student and as a member of our community.

The job board is located in the library hallway for those who want to check it out. Additional information can be provided by Mitchell in the career and counseling center.