Rogers annual Decision Day is a celebration for seniors

The all-school assembly is a time to look forward.


Photo by Colleen Pancake

Nalisha Carter and Anne Hoben helping escort students to Rogers Decision Day.

Rogers’ annual Decision Day was an assembly that took place May 2nd and celebrated the post high school plans of RHS seniors.

Decision Day is a yearly school assembly that takes place during school hours, in the gym. All students attended the assembly, and participating students’ families were invited and encouraged to come.

Scholarships were presented to RHS students during the assembly. Participating students are lined up according to what their post high school plan is and walk throughout the gym to represent their post high-school plan.

Decision Day’s goal was to recognize the future of graduating seniors, such as their acceptance into universities, apprenticeships, internships, and direct career pathways.

RHS student Sara Sandhu was chosen by staff to speak during the assembly.

“I had helped with Decision Day last year (and it) was a very emotional and proud moment for me, as seeing all my senior friends go off to the real world and make life-changing decisions made me happy and inspired me,” Sandhu said.

Led by AVID teacher Colleen Pancake, “Decision Day is a chance to honor the seniors, and for them to get accomplishments so that the sophomores and juniors see what the seniors are doing and can get into some goal setting for the future”

As to why Pancake does Decision Day, she said, “Michelle Obama did it. It’s called the Reach Higher campaign; she started this campaign to honor students with their academics and I thought it would be a cool idea to honor kids for what they’re doing after high school.”

Decision Day has been a Rogers tradition for the past eight years. “It’s an annual tradition because we should continue to recognize the seniors.”, Pancake states.

Joining decision day gets participating students a certificate, a gift from Rogers, and a gift from the college they’ve been accepted to.