Rams got spirit? Nope.

Camo pants. Ram gear. Pep assemblies. So what?


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At a girl’s basketball game, stands were half empty and students were not interested.

School spirit is the foundation of the high school experience, but what happens when that foundation begins to crumble? In modern schools, having school spirit seems like a personality trait that you either have or don’t. What is causing the lack of school spirit in our school, and how do we get it back?

School spirit is not made up solely from participating in spirit weeks or going to sports events, but also by attending leadership sponsored fundraisers. Lack of attendance at events such as movie nights and carnivals put on by leadership was the reason that last year the class of 2019 had only raised a mere five dollars for their ASB budget. Luckily, class funds do not only come from fundraisers. As of January 30, 2018, the class of 2018 had a total of $167.18 and the class of 2019 had a total of $177.00. If the classes want to have a better funded prom for their senior year both classes need to start attending more fundraising events.

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A member of leadership was asked about the lack of attendance at past events and how successes and failures of events effects future events.

“It’s kind of discouraging when we plan an event and no one shows up… but it teaches us to promote things more and to get the word out there in other ways,” said junior Bailee Burns.

Even though the participation in events consists mainly of leadership students who are required to come, they are determined to work harder to boost school spirit at Rogers. Going forward the leadership, or renaissance, class is going to try to improve advertisement of events by using different media platforms and by beginning the promotion of events farther in advance.

The poor participation in school events may not be a result of disinterest, but possibly from the rigors of school.

“I feel like the pressure to be well rounded…in order to get into college prevents students from having the spare time to participate in school events,” senior Amy Wilkerson said.

Are school events doomed to always come in second to college preparatory activities? A possible solution was posed by junior Hannah Isom.

She suggested that “…building them [events] into school hours so that more people are able to participate,” would likely increase both students’ school spirit and willingness to participate in future events.

The shortage of spirit and attendance at many school events begs the questions, which events are successful and why? When asked, a majority of students responded that football games, especially King of the Hill, were the most attended events.

Senior Briana Carrillo, commented that the most attended events are, “football [games] because they advertise them a lot more than they do any other event.”

Madison Perkins, a junior, said, “Football games are probably the most attended events at Rogers because you can dress up and show school spirit and meet up with all your friends.”

Elements from football games that can be utilized for other events include increased advertisement, opportunities to dress up in spirit wear, and convincing attendees to bring their friends.

Coming up with new event ideas that appeal to a larger variety of the student body is another way to heighten school spirit and attendance.

When asked what kind of events should there be more of or newly implemented, sophomore Parker Posey said, “Events with food or games.”

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He pointed out the importance of the correlation between food availability and attendance at school events.

The same question was posed to junior Harpreet Kaur and she responded that, “An art sale where you can buy people’s art, [specifically] art from students.”

The implementation of an art sale could improve community relations because it would be of interest to not only students, but community members as well. The traditional ideas of events like carnivals still appeal to students, but broadening the types of events to appeal to students involved in the arts could prove beneficial to participation and attendance.

Ultimately, the ideal example of school spirit would be students being proud of their school and their community and showing their support by participating in events put on by the school. This would include supporting on their fellow students in sports events, club competitions, and in art shows. It is important not only to attend these events, but show enthusiasm and camaraderie by cheering and dressing up in spirit wear. It would also involve going to fundraisers for the school to make it possible for ASB to put on special events like Homecoming, Winter Wishes, and Prom. Investing in your school, allows your school to invest in you.