Girls’ Basketball Season Crosses Over To Playoffs

Story by Mady Privatsky, Reporter

Most sports fans define a winning season by a team’s record; however, even with their exceptionally winning season, Rogers High School Girls’ Basketball head coach Amy Looker characterizes the team’s success by not how many reported wins or losses are acquired, but instead the small individual achievements that lead to the overall victory on the scoreboard.

 Much like a 1,000 piece puzzle fitting together to make a beautiful picture, the RHS girls’ basketball team worked together to get to the playoffs. Coach Looker attributes the team’s success to their discipline in “running an offense” and “understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses” throughout the season.

 The coach of eight years explains her philosophy of setting goals, and working together to achieve them by encouraging one another and uniting as one team with one common objective. Beyond the basketball court, Looker believes that she has a greater impact on the girls than just teaching them basketball skills. She sees basketball as a platform to instill key life lessons in her players that will continue to carry importance past high school graduation.

 The uniqueness of this team is that they do not just click on the basketball court, but off the court as well. Sophomore guard Maddie Egan recalled her best memory of the season was when the team travelled to San Diego for a tournament over winter break.

 “Going to the beach, taking pictures, it all just brought us together”, Egan said.

 Individually, junior Avery Campbell says her main growth throughout the season was defense.

 “Defense is fun!” Campbell said.

 Her enthusiasm was sparked when teammate Sophie Wicker made a deal that she would buy Campbell a treat when she made a block.

 “Sometimes it’s just a piece of gum”, Wicker laughed, “but it’s always something”.

 The family atmosphere felt at even just an afternoon practice makes it obvious how the girls have become so successful. Sophomore Kalle Stefen and freshman Raigan Barrett both think the Rams stand out from the other teams competing by their teamwork, and their trust in one another.

 “We know that we have each other’s backs”, Barrett said.

 Assistant Coach Jesse DeForest believes the key to playoffs will be this trust they have built up, along with good defense and blocking out.