Dorm or Apartment? Which is the Best for You?

person-holiday-vacation-womanStudents who attend college may live in a dorm, apartment or continue living with their parents but what would be the most ideal place to live if you are attending college?

According to, “The financial benefits of living off campus vary depending on the cost of the apartment and the living situation. The rent may cost more than a dorm room, but if you split it with a roommate or two you come out ahead”.

Living with a roommate can make everything easier to afford whether you are living in an apartment or a dorm.

One of the biggest perks of living in an apartment is freedom. In a dorm there are certain curfews and restrictions such a quiet hours and a limited amount of times guests are allowed to stay the night. You may also be assigned a roommate if there is enough space in your room, even if you don’t want a roommate.

Living in an apartment, you can essentially do whatever you want. You can choose to have a roommate or not depending on if you can afford rent, and if you do choose to have a roommate, you can pick whoever you want is willing to live with you. You can also have guests stay for an unlimited amount of times unless it’s enough for them to be considered living with you.

Living on a college campus, pets are not allowed (fish are an exception for most campus’). In an apartment, pets are allowed but a con is that if they are above a certain weight you must pay for them to stay.

One advantage of living on campus is the commute to classes. There is almost no need to spend money taking the bus or driving to classes and you are less likely to be late.

Another perk, according to, “finding a study partner is pretty easy: You’re in a building where you have other students, your very own course mates included. So not only do you have just potential friends, you do have study partners quite easily which is really helpful.”

By living in a dorm you may become closer friends with students on campus and be more motivated to participate in any activities since you are already living on campus and you save money from travel since you don’t need a car to commute.

With all of the different pros and cons of living in an apartment or dorm, your financial status is one of the top factors that determine which would be the most ideal living space for you.