ASB president Young Ji reflects on high school years

Ji gave much of himself to Rogers.


Photo by Vito Cann

Young Ji’s artwork displayed at the 2023 Rogers art show.

Young Ji is a student at Rogers. Graduating this year, Ji has many accomplishments and obstacles he has faced so far. Ji’s family moved to America from Daejon, South Korea, when he was just nine years old. The reasoning for moving to America started with his older brother’s love for the American education. Not knowing English, it was not an easy move for Ji.  

“I was well known in my neighborhood and comfortable — I did not like the idea of moving to America,” Ji said.

During his move to America, Ji slowly picked up on English during his 3rd grade year. By the time he was in the 7th grade he was almost completely fluent and understood English well.  

With Ji’s parents being busy at work he found his time doing advanced classes and creating clubs like the creative writing club. During his high school years Ji completed a total of 14 AP classes. These classes pushed Ji in many ways to strive for better things. AP art is one class Ji took that really gave him room to be creative. Senior year he had 6 pieces total in the art show. His theme being “what people do to fill the void.” Sending a message with his art Ji uses his iPad for digital art and colored pencil work. 

“I personally like colored pencil or ink recently, they’re really fun to work with,” Ji said.

Ji spends so much time being a leader and that is why he leads many clubs as well as the school being ASB president for his senior year. He was the formal president of the chess club, president of the art club, Rambassadors Treasurer, treasurer honor society and many more. 

During all this time of working hard and leading Ji loves to hang out with his friends when he has the time. On weekends he enjoys finishing homework and study, but his friends do drag him out quite a bit.  

“During the weekend, it is either a lot of hang outs like birthday parties or DND sessions with my friends,” Ji said. 

Vito Cann is a good friend of Ji. The two met their senior year. Cann describes Ji as an outgoing person who likes to put himself out into the world. 

“I would describe Young as an outgoing and well-known person, he likes to put himself in situations that are kind of too much to handle, but usually he does manage to get control of them,” Cann said. 

The daily agenda for Ji consists of almost the same activities and routine. He starts his week with his to-do list of what he needs to prioritize for the week.  

“Wake up, come to school, do club activities be home around 5, start my homework then have dinner finishing off with personal time watching shows or movies,” Ji said. 

Ji will attend the University of Washington, the same school where his older brother attended, in the fall. Ji’s brother was rooting for him as well as his parents who wanted to keep Ji close. Ji is going into the computer science field while his brother graduated with a biochemisty philosophy major.  

“It will be fun to see what he has done and follow in his footsteps,” Ji said. 

Ji has inspired many rams during his years at rogers, as ASB president Ji was the student speaker selected for the 2023 Rogers’ graduation. 

“Young is very inspirational and makes everyone feel included, his graduation speech was very well thought out,” Eiliyah Carnahan said. 

 Ji is someone who will be remembered for his positive energy at Rogers High School. Now that energy will be carried to the University of Washington.