People of Rogers and their cats

Should you get a cat? Students at Rogers share their experiences with their own cats and tell you if you should get one or not.


Photo by Kaydence Christopher

This is Potato, who belongs to senior Kaydence Christopher.

Having a pet cat is beneficial for your health. Research has shown that cat purrs can help to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. Rogers High School students have varying opinions about cats. Most people interviewed considered their cats to be part of their family, which makes them even more special.  

Cats can have multiple characteristics.

“(Mine is) shy and affectionate,” Hayden Wallace said.

Different cats have different qualities, and you really do not know what they will be like, or how they will act until you get one.  

Many people at Rogers High School like cats for varied reasons. When they were asked the reasons they liked their cats, a lot of the responses were similar. One common response was that their cats are cuddly and like a part of the family. Many students believe that cats are nice and likable, but one response was that the student did not like their cat.

So, while cats can be nice and cuddly, you must also be prepared that some cats can be not as nice. 

One fun thing about having a cat is finding a name for them. Some people will go with basic names for their cats, but some of the people go more out to find a name.

“Potato,” Kaydence Christopher said.

“Mama Socks.” Wallace said.

Names are a hard decision to make when choosing a cat because there are so many options, but once you find the right name, you will be very happy.  

Most people said it was a wonderful and great idea for other people to get a pet cat because they are nice, they provide company, and they become a part of your family. You might just have to take your time finding a cat with a personality that you like, but after you do, you will not be disappointed. 

Now that you have heard information from some of Roger’s students who have cats, you might be interested in getting one yourself. Remember, they are good for your health! If you are interested in adopting a cat, two wonderful places to adopt from are Sunny Skies (, and The Human Society(