Talent Showcase at Rogers High

Story by Cole Olafson, Reporter

Friday 17 March 2017, a day commonly known as Saint Patrick’s Day. People throw parties, eat corned beef and cabbage with their families and celebrate what may be one of the most common (or stereotypical) Irish holiday of all time.

But for a small group of students at Rogers High School, Saint Patrick’s Day was a time for them to showcase the various talents that they hold. This was the day of the Rogers High School Talent Show.

There were a wide variety of different acts at the Talent Show, including dancers such as the crowd pleasing performance by Jordan Nguyen and Jacob Manio, singers such as Caleb Johnson performing his rendition of “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper, A rap performance by Ju Won Lee and Connor Bender, guitar players, and even a Rogers High School rock band named DysFunkShunal performing “Hotel California” by Eagles.

Students wanted to compete in the talent show to feel the adrenaline of performing. Ju Won Lee, said the reason he chooses to keep performing in the talent show is because he finds it to be “a rewarding experience that allows him to be able to show off his rapping and showmanship abilities”.

Lee said that he could not believe how many people came to view the talent show this year. He said that compared to last year he would say the crowd had to have tripled in size.

The Rogers Talent Show really proved how many talented people attend our school. It also brings an opportunity for students to go out in front of a crowd, and bring confidence into the talents in which they all have.

In the future, it would not be a surprise to see returning talents along with new people from all walks of life showing what they can do.