New Semester, New Program

The start of second semester has brought on a brand new program that’s beneficial to both teachers and students

Supposedly, Schoology was made to look similar to Facebook in order for students to connect with the program. Rogers High School has started using this in hopes that students will use it more than Home Access Center.

Starting this semester, most of the teachers at Rogers have started the new program. However, there are still a few teachers who plan on waiting until next year.

“I use Schoology to communicate with my students, but I don’t use the grade book yet because I don’t have the time to learn a new program in the middle of the school year.” Rebekah Leonardy said.

In contrast to the teachers who are waiting until next year, the ones who have been using it seem to be getting the hang of how it works.

“I think I’ve been using it longer than most teachers here so I’m more confident about it. I think it’s a nice organizational tool. With more experience, it gets easier. The other day when I was working I had to rearrange what I was doing because Schoology wasn’t working.” Britt Coleman said.

It seems that there are downsides to the program. Not only for teachers, some students have also been doubtful with trying something new.

“Convenient, but they change it too much.” sophomore Tanner Heatherly said.

It is beneficial to have such an easily accessed program. Some students just aren’t ready for the change.

“I hate the grade book but I like how it’s used to contact teachers and find information.” junior Megan Hefty said.

The grade book doesn’t show all class grades on one page. Students have to click on each individual class to see their grades. This is one issue that is often a complaint for students.

“It’s very easy to use, convenient for my busy life, I appreciate it.” senior Madison Buhl said.

Overall, students and teachers mostly appreciate the convenience of Schoology. By next year, all teachers will be required to use the program.