Let’s Talk About It: Tacoma’s cutest cupcake shop

One editor, one cupcake, one review.

Name: Hello Cupcake

Location: Tacoma, WA

Price Point: $

Hours: Sunday to Monday 11 AM-6 PM, Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM-6 PM

Website: http://www.hello-cupcake.com


If you’re looking for a reason to attend The University of Washington’s Tacoma campus, I have one: Hello Cupcake. Unfortunately I’m not sure how much work I’d get done or how much money I’d have left over after spending day in and day out taste testing each and every one of Hello Cupcake’s many signature flavors. We visited the shop 12 February 2017. Amidst the rush of what can only be labeled as some sort of cheer competition, we managed a seat, a plate, and of course a cupcake. Here’s what we thought:


Size: 4/5

In one word, the shop was very: quaint. While this is generally a positive contributor to the adorable nature of the shop, when you happen to visit during what seemed to be rush hour, snagging a table might not be such an easy task. With three tables and two window-lined bars, seating is anything but plentiful.


Atmosphere/Aesthetic: 5/5

Of course my affinity for the color pink and general cuteness makes me a bias candidate to review such a sweet shop, but I have to say Hello Cupcake’s aesthetic is both endearing and sophisticated- a difficult balance to reach when it comes to cupcakes. Flower topped frosting and pink boxes pair with classy chandeliers and simplistic white marble to create a venue appropriate for anyone from five-year-olds attending a birthday party to perspective brides to be scheduling cake tastings.


Presentation: 5/5

As I mentioned before, finding a table wasn’t easy, but even more difficult was… picking a flavor. Now Hello Cupcake has variety, but not that much variety, which was why I was so surprised when I stood eying each flavor for minutes on end. From classics like red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla to seasonal favorites like February’s chocolate raspberry and Shirley Temple, Hello Cupcake has a flavor, frosting, and decoration for everyone. Generally simplistic in design each cupcake is unique and serve as the perfect gift or party favor.


Taste: 4/5

The only reason these cupcakes did receive a full five star rating is due to one simple fact… sweetness. I was hesitant to knock these bad boys a whole star, but it had to be done. I’ll admit to my sweet tooth, and am guilty of enjoying treats that have previously been deemed “too sweet” or “caked with frosting” (I’m looking at you- store bought frosted sugar cookies), but these cupcakes were just too sweet. In fact I don’t necessarily think it was the actual cupcake’s fault, I think it’s the frosting we have to blame. The cake was light and if anything crumbly, but compared to the thick, condensed frosting, tasted like an afterthought. But here’s where it gets messy- I think it’s important to note these factors, but I wouldn’t necessarily change them. Any less frosting would have compromised the cupcakes appearance (which clearly deserved a full 5 stars) and had it been any less sweet may have led to even more unbalance between the cake and the frosting. So consider this 4/5 star rating as simply a note as opposed to a critique.


Service: 5/5

I was very impressed with Hello Cupcake’s service. Seeing as how this was not my first Hello Cupcake experience- I can attest to the consistency of the establishment’s service. The employees are always both kind and helpful- exactly what you’d expect from a cupcake shop. Complete with pink aprons and sweet smiles they are more than willing to answer any questions you may have and are very patient while you peer through the glass (and trust me, with their assortment, you’ll need some time). Eager to make recommendations and advocate for their favorite flavors, Hello Cupcakes did nothing but add to the general positivity of the establishment.


Would we recommend? YES or NO