Making It Work When You’re Miles Away

How to make long distance relationships work

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

Could you do it? Could you have a long distance relationship? It is not easy. Long distance relationships come with a lot of trust, communication, and time. Long distance relationships help you learn new things about your partner that you never knew. You question so much. Are they cheating? What are they doing? Do they think about me? Does he/she miss me? So many questions, so many thoughts.

“I think long distance relationships are hard. Most don’t work because people don’t believe they can. It takes a lot of trust and a strong bond, a strong connection for that love to stay strong but if you do that in the long run, it’s going to be worth it,” graduated student Dieauka Bradley said.

You have to have a strong head on your shoulder to take on situations like these. You may trust the person but little things will make you just question.

“It gives you time to do you and focus on yourself but also have someone to talk to throughout the day plus, it makes it so when you see each other it’ll be so much better than a regular relationship.” Bradley said.

You’ll be so happy to see them and miss your significant other so much more that the time you have together you’ll cherish even more.

It takes a lot of trust and a strong bond ”

— Dieauka Bradley

Junior Michael Dwyer said “No I do not like them. I’m too much a touchy person.”

When you’re in a long distance relationship you have to be spontaneous because you don’t see that person. You have to continue to fulfill their needs and their wants or else they’re going to find it elsewhere.

“I don’t like not being able to see my girlfriend. Face time and phone calls do get boring, I actually like to see her, hug her, and actually go on dates with her.” Dwyer said.

Some people are more romantic than other. Some people can also deal with some situations better than others. Everybody’s different.

“Well I’m in a long distance relationship, it sure is stressful and not easy. It takes so much trust and to be in one you really have to invest all your heart into it,” junior Caitlyn Curley said.

With situations like these it does get hard to stay faithful and all to one person because we’re all human, everybody gets lonely.

“I think it’s really hard when you want to just be comforted and you can’t be because that person that you only want comfort from is not there” Curley said.

Distance is hard because you constantly over think. Long distance is something very difficult on yourself and your body. Sometimes they don’t work out, but if you have faith and trust go forward with it.