The Legacy of Arnold Palmer

Story by Kate Caviezel, Reporter

Recently, Arnold Palmer passed away. Arnold Palmer was a legendary golfer. So why is golf so underrated? Golf is a sport that could be played for a lifetime.

“I probably have a club in my hands 360 days a year, one way or another, playing with friends or just fiddling around or hitting balls,” Palmer said.

Palmer was mainly known for his half iced tea-half lemonade drink that everyone knows and loves. Only true fans appreciated his success in his golfing career. He won a total of 62 PGA, Professional Golf Association, Tours. He was known as the king of golf but was only advertised for his drink.

I started playing golf about three years ago and it’s a difficult sport to succeed in, so I admire anyone who became a professional golfer. Maybe that’s the reason golf is overlooked and made out to be boring.

“Because it’s so difficult to master and most people just lack the desire to master something that is so difficult because you have to be good at so many different phases of the game,” Rogers girls golf coach, Paul Stoltenberg said.

Rogers High School always lists sporting events and activities happening each day, but golf never seems to be on the list. Football and soccer are recognized the most and students seem to forget that there’s a golf team.

“Everybody thinks golf is boring, but that’s because they’ve never been to a girls Rogers Rams golf match with their number one Kate Caviezel and their number two Carly Everett because it is lit,” junior Carly Everett said.

One time I was at Tacoma Firs for a golf lesson and an older man came up to me and told me that he appreciated seeing young golfers. He told me that while others are playing football, or something that you can’t play forever, I would be learning a game that I could stick with until I’m too old to swing a club. Hearing this made me stop and think about why golf would ever be underappreciated.

Golf isn’t only played for schools and professionals, it’s played casually by all ages. Some people play with their businesses and even celebrities enjoy a round of golf. Although it may have a specific channel, golf is only shown on that channel while football is on at least five different channels.

After realizing how important golf is, and hearing it from fellow golf fans, I still can’t comprehend how it remains underrated.