Rams struggle in their first season under new coach, but have high hopes for future

Coach Jesse Potes sees a lot of potential heading into his second season.


Photo by Alli Nemec

Rams Football vs Spartans

The RHS football team has a lot to improve on heading into next year. Their record was 0-10 this past season, and they have a first-year coach that they are working to make a bond with.

To coach Jesse Potes — who took over last year — this is more than a team; this group is a family. The Rams’ record wasn’t the best, which means there is a lot of room for improvement. Also, as Potes says, it is not easy getting the players to adapt to a new coach’s style or attitude towards them.

Although the team wasn’t the best this year, Potes said he could see a lot of potential going into next season and he has hope for the years of players to come.

“These players are all good kids, and they all want to be on the team so there’s potential in the team in that position,” Potes said.

In their last season, their record was 0-10. But the SPSL is one of the hardest high school sports leagues in the state, so they had some very tough competition. Even though they lost so many games, they never lost their love and appetite for it, Potes said.

These players are committed to each other as a team and as a family. Potes plans on having next year be a far more successful year for the Rams football team and to eventually head state bound.