Panorama stakeholder survey collects information for PSD

Parents, students, and staff all were surveyed as part of the process.

The Panorama stakeholder survey, administered in the middle of November, is a survey that the Puyallup School Districts is doing to receive feedback from families, students, and staff.

The school board is requiring schools to use the Panorama. The reason they had schools wanting so many people taking the Panorama survey was so they could see how each school is changing over time.

The results of the fall  survey are in, and “Sense of Belonging” continues to be the lowest score for students at Rogers when they think about their school. Defined as questions about “How much students feel that they are valued members of the school community,” 29% of students, on average, responded favorably. This lags behind the Puyallup School District as a whole, where the average is 35%.

The most favorable result in the survey was “School Safety,” defined as questions about “Perceptions of student physical and psychological safety at school.” An average of 62% responded favorably to those questions, up 8% from the previous time the survey was administered and higher than the PSD average of 60%. “Teacher-Student Relationships” was close behind with an average of 59% of Rogers students responding favorably, just behind 62% in the district overall.  

A student at Rogers High School that took the survey said that the survey was a little too long and after 20 minutes of it they just get bored and rushed through it just to be done with it.