Five hidden gem restaurants you need to try

The best nearby restaurants and what you can expect from them.


While searching for something to eat, you will have your obvious options: McDonalds, Subway, The Ram, Mod Pizza, etc. No one thinks or even notices small business-owned restaurants that are in the area. These restaurants may be small, but they make up for their size in flavor and cheap prices. These are five hidden gem restaurants that you should try out! 

Los Amigos Taqueria: Los Amigos Taqueria is a small taco truck located at 4215 S Meridian. The taco truck serves authentic, amazing tasting Mexican food which varies from tacos, enchiladas, and more. Prices on average range from $15 to a little bit over $20, which for the quality and quantity of the food is quite cheap. There is truly little seating so be prepared to bring it home, or enjoy it in your car, but what this truck lacks in seating makes up for in flavor. 

Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito: Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito is a great tasting ramen shop located on 322 Tacoma Ave S, over by PLU. I have been to this ramen shop many times with friends and family, and they have yet to disappoint. There are a variety of ramen and sushi burritos to fit anyone’s preferences. The vibes that will be given off while eating here will be calming, since few people are there. All main dishes range from $13 to $20. Very affordable, very inviting, and very tasty! 

Mrs. Turners: Mrs. Turners is a small café located at 701 E Main Ave in downtown Puyallup. This diner serves many distinct types of food such as breakfast sandwiches, omelets, burgers, steak, taco salad, and many more options. Although I have never been to Mrs. Turners, my cousin Isaac has. Ms. Turners is almost unexplainable. The servers, the food, and the settings are all perfect. Like when I work there, it does not feel like I am working, it is like I am a part of a family.” The food varies in price since their food varies from eggs and bacon to New York strips, but everything on the menu is worth the price. 

Meridian Café: Meridian Café is a small café owned by the famous Crockett’s. The café is located at 213 N Meridian in downtown Puyallup. I have worked at this café for the last couple of months and one thing I have noticed is that every worker there is kind and respectful towards one another and towards the customers. The food is quite affordable with the majority costing just above 15 dollars. The restaurant serves breakfast which includes French toast, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, etc. They also serve sandwiches, French fries, onion rings and more! It is only open until 2 p.m. so this would be an early morning grab and go meal! 

Tijuana Taco Truck: Tijuana Taco Truck is a modernized Mexican food truck. They serve a plethora of different foods including tacos, beef Beria, breakfast burritos (exclusively on the weekends) and even a side of curly fries. The prices are great with a low $1.20 for one taco! The workers are always respectful and considerate. The owner, Mr. Robert Gomez (who I have gotten to know personally) is a respectable, intellectual man who knows what he is doing. The only issue is that the Lakewood location sadly closed, but now they are mobile! If you want some affordable, good tasting food, find a Tijuana Taco truck near you! 

All five of these restaurants are worth your consideration next time you are looking for a bite to eat, with all of them being cheap, close by, and good tasting. When you have the time, drop by these great restaurants!