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How hiking can change Your Life

Story by Camryn Hulsey Rowe, Reporter

May 11, 2017

What are the sights you appreciate the most in life? For some, your mind goes immediately to one place. It’s a common agreement that the scenery when enjoying a hike to great heights or on low trails is something worth experiencing, and nature is one topic that our community can agree is a precious...

What goes around comes back Around

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

May 11, 2017

We’ve all heard the saying “You do good for others and good karma will come in return.” Why do people say this? When you do a good deed out of the kindness of your heart not expecting anything in return, you will somehow someway get good karma in return. There’s so many ways to give back....

Losing Motivation?

Story by Kayla Judd, Reporter

April 28, 2017

When things in life become stressful, it can be tough to maintain motivation. Some people lose motivation because they dwell on a mistake, they stop believing in themselves, expect fast results, or fear failure more than the desire to succeed. But there are several things that can help stay motivated...

Stressful Thinking

Story by Jillian Shelton, Reporter

February 8, 2017

It is inevitable: you cannot escape stress. And, that in itself, is stressful. Chronic stress can cause additional anxiety and that will lead to depression. Stress also causes insomnia and other critical conditions. Being a student, anxiety, depression and insomnia are not the best things for you....

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Having a positive attitude is very important in life. People will treat you differently than others that always have negative energy or a bad aura. Having a positive attitude and a smile will make you stand out in a crowd full of people. People don’t understand the importance of always being positive....

True Friends are the Best Friends

Story by Kate Caviezel, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Teenagers, most of the time, face the challenge of having, or not having, genuine friendships. Being a good friend means being kind and not acting rude. True friends are uplifting and have positive impacts on others. Most of the time, friends can be the best thing in a person’s life. Someti...

Take Note

Story by Reilly Grant, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Eric Bailey Taking good notes is very important, especially as you further your education. There are many ways to take notes, so use a method that works best for you. The first way is a well-known note taking style, the Cornell style.  Cornell notes are broken into three sections.  One for main to...

Break Fast

Story by Reilly Grant, Reporter

February 8, 2017

They always say skipping breakfast is bad for you, so here are a few breakfast ideas that are quick, easy, and healthy. These ideas can help you efficiently plan your meals so you can eat breakfast regularly.   First off we have a vamped-up version of plain old breakfast toast. You’re going...

5 hot cocoa recipes you never knew you needed

Story by Sarah Archer, Editor in Chief

December 14, 2016

Here at The Commoner we’re all for holiday spirit. But sometimes the fun of curling up on a cold winter day doesn’t include a trip through the drive through. So here are our top five favorite hot chocolate recipes to try out this winter. [Recipes courtesy of Blendtec.] 1. Milk Chocolate Peanut...

Self-Love: the Best Love

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

December 7, 2016

Everybody wants a healthy happy life. There are so many ways to meet those expectations. A big key in life is having confidence and self-love. You can’t love anybody else until you love yourself. “It is good to have self-confidence. I think you would have a more positive life if you loved yourself...

Fun date night locations perfect for You

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

December 6, 2016

Dates are important, especially if you’re trying to get to know somebody. Even if you’re in a relationship you and your partner should still be going on random or planned dates. “An amusement park would be a cute date because it’s just constant laughing and smiling. Plus we both can have ...

Dorm or Apartment? Which is the Best for You?

Story by Kayla Judd, Reporter

November 17, 2016

Students who attend college may live in a dorm, apartment or continue living with their parents but what would be the most ideal place to live if you are attending college? According to, “The financial benefits of living off campus vary depending on the cost of the apartme...

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