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The student news site of Rogers High School

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The student news site of Rogers High School

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Kellie D. Lumbert

Lore and anecdotes are our natural teachers for Life lessons.

Story by Meta McDowell, Staff Writer June 1, 2022

Nonfiction anecdotes are known to expand our reality into a realm of fiction, but the undercover ideal and lesson of the fictional story can help us face reality – especially Norse lore, passed down...

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Why do people love their pets?

Story by Lucas Hatten, Staff Writer March 24, 2020
In short: Companionship.
Alexis Galovin (left) and Miss Pierce County 2019 Beckie Takashima at Emergency Food Network.

Emergency Food Network stands in the gap for families in need

Story by Alexis Galovin, Staff Writer March 24, 2020
Many food pantries are still open, even during the coronavirus outbreak.
The Consequences of Vape: Chapter 2

The Consequences of Vape: Chapter 2

Story by Alliyah Evans, Writer/Editor November 20, 2019
Evidence has now been determined by scientific specialists about what the real costs of vaping are, and where it comes from
Book Review: Super Human is a super disappointment

Book Review: Super Human is a super disappointment

Story by Lucas N. Hatten, Staff Writer November 7, 2019

With a new plague affecting the world, it is up to a ragtag team of teens, mostly comprised of superhumans, to prevent the group of villains known as the Helotry from raising Kronin, the conqueror from...

How to prep for test day

How to prep for test day

Story by Alliyah Evans, Staff Writer May 9, 2019
May has begun! Which means that last home stretch of the school year, and testing. Whether it’s AP Exams, the SATs, or simply finals, everyone should feel prepared for success! Continuing to exercise the brain and keeping yourself healthy is a good start.
Is regular vaping damaging your body?

The Consequences of Vape: What’s the Risk?

Story by Alliyah Evans, Staff Writer February 20, 2019
Vaping has become a common part of today's society. But, what most users don't know, is that it is more dangerous than they believe.
Stanford University

How to Get Into College 101

Story by Jeter Arellano, Writer December 13, 2018

Getting into college is intimidating, so here is a rundown of what five college admits (four of which are from Rogers!) [University of Washington, Pacific Lutheran University, Stanford University, Central...

5 tips for a better nights sleep

5 tips for a better night’s sleep

Story by Maddy Searles, Staff Writer December 13, 2018
There are several ways to improve your sleep quality. One way is to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, although for some busy students this may not be possible. But fear not because there are other ways to get better sleep.
Seniors from the 2018 class of Rogers.

10 things seniors wish they knew earlier

Story by Crystal Choi, Editor November 29, 2018
Ever wish you could go back in time and tell your past-self some things present-self really wish they would’ve known sooner? Last year’s seniors may not be able to go back in time to their sophomore year, but they can pass down their experiences and life hacks with us as we trek down the same road. Here are 10 things that the Class of 2018 Rams wish someone would have told them earlier.
Mental health issues plague a majority of the student body.

How mental illness depresses the life of students

Story by Maddy Searles, Writer November 1, 2018

Anxiety and depression are problems that many students struggle with. Anxiety by definition is a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness, typically with compulsive behavior or...

At RHS Key Clubs Fall Ball fundraiser in 2017.

A different kind of high school experience

Story by Jasmine Teofilo, Staff Writer/Ad Sales October 25, 2018

Cramming for exams, crowded hallways, lunchroom crushes, and football games. The high school experience is something that a lot of people look back on as a time in their life that shaped them into the...

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