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Let’s Talk About It: Tacoma’s cutest cupcake shop

Story by Sarah Archer, Editor-In-Chief

February 13, 2017

Name: Hello Cupcake Location: Tacoma, WA Price Point: $ Hours: Sunday to Monday 11 AM-6 PM, Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM-6 PM Website:   If you’re looking for a reason to attend The University of Washington’s Tacoma campus, I have one: Hello Cupcake. Unfortunatel...

Is it even Debatable?

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

February 8, 2017

There has been a lot of talk about which coffee shop is better: Starbucks or Bigfoot Java? Starbucks is a very well-known worldwide. Bigfoot is very well known too, but not as known as Starbucks According to Shannon Doran, she loves Bigfoot Java. “I much rather prefer Bigfoot. For 1, they’re cheaper....

Puppy Love

Story by Kayla Judd, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Adding a new member to the family can be one of the most fun challenges and getting a puppy is a great way to learn how to handle responsibilities, especially for kids. Owning a pet costs time and money but the experience will be worth it. Before you get a puppy, you might want to look at all of the...

Lady Gaga just won the Super Bowl: here’s why.

Story by Sarah Archer, Editor-In-Chief

February 5, 2017

After countless hours of rigorous preparation and training Lady Gaga and her dancers were prepared (to say the least) to take the stadium’s stage as Super Bowl 51’s halftime show. Complete with literal leaps and bounds Gaga captured her career through a compilation of her historically hottest hits...

What’s So Punny?

Story by Kate Caviezel, Reporter

November 29, 2016

Puns are getting more and more commonly used in social media. For those who don’t know, a pun is a play on words that creates a different meaning for certain words or phrases. 1.“Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.” Clearly this sentence could ...

Your Favorite 1990’s Playlist

Story by Meara Bonnell, Reporter

November 4, 2016

What’s a good playlist to start your day? Sweet, calm classical? Hardcore metal? Hyped up dubstep? Or is it crazy, obnoxious, and slightly overplayed 90s rock? If that last one hit you right away, plug in your headphones and ready your ears. Here are the best songs of the 90s! Nobody likes you whe...

History at Its Finest

Story by Jillian Shelton, Reporter

November 4, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton, has taken the States by storm. And, from experience, it’s no surprise. It took quite some time for me to actually come to love Hamilton. I didn’t like the fact that it had something to do with history, but as time went on and the more I listened to it...

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