Where Did All of The Animals Go?

Endangered species can vary from the most common animal at the zoo or animals that you have never even heard of. Endangered species are different kinds of animals that are at high risk of extinction. According to Dictionary.com, this is because of” human activity, changes in climate, changes in predator-prey ratios”

Human activity is a factor of animals being endangered and in some cases extinct. People will tear down habitats in order to build buildings. In doing so they are taking down trees and any wildlife and leaving the animals without a home.

Human activity is also a factor in endangered animals because of hunting. Hunting is not that bad and in fact is good for maintaining the population. But it is not good when hunters over hunt the animals. Hunters will not only hunt animals for their meat, but also for their fur, tusk and for decoration.

Climate effects endangered species because if the weather changes drastically then the animals might not be able to adapt. According to Climateandweather.net“Climate variability and change affects birdlife and animals in a number of ways; birds lay eggs earlier in the year than usual, plants bloom earlier and mammals are come out of hibernation sooner”.

Some endangered species include the Javan rhinoceros, Amur Leopard, Sumatran elephant, and the Orangutan.

Javan Rhinoceros (scientific name is Rhinoceros Sandaiors). In regards to the Javan Rhinoceros, Allaboutwildlife.com said, “They are extremely vulnerable to extinction due to natural catastrophes, poaching, and potential breeding” said Worlwildlife.org. “Has been to near extinction for its horn, which is used to make Asian folk medicines. It may not have a large enough breeding population to prevent the species from going extinct”.

Amur Leopard (scientific name, Panthera Pardus Orientails). Their population is only a little over 60. They are poached foe their fur. The fur is then sold for high prices. According to Worldwidelife.org, “An undercover investigation team recovered a female and a male Amur Leopard skin, which were being sold for 500 and 1,000 dollars”

The Sumatran Elephant population is around 2,400.” Sumatran Elephants feed on a variety of plants and deposit seeds wherever they go, contributing to a healthy forest ecosystem” said Worlwidelife.org. So without this species the forest would not be able to run properly. They are poached for their tusks. People sell the tusks to illegal ivory markets.

Orangutan. “Orangutans are an easy target for hunters because they’re large and slow. They are killed for food or in retaliation when they move into agriculture areas and destroy crops  “said Worldwidelife.org. They are endangered because of deforestation and habitat loss

These are just a few of the animals that are endangered. There are many organizations raising money in hopes of making the animals not endangered anymore.