Rewriting the Narrative

Liberty In North Korea is more than a sticker on a laptop, a t-shirt in the hallway, or a poster on the wall. Liberty In North Korea, otherwise known as LiNK, is a global movement designed to accomplish four very distinct and direct areas of focus: Refugee Rescues, Resettlement Assistance, Empowerment Programs, and Changing the Narrative.

While you may associate LiNK with their iconic red and white logo, many individuals, students especially, fail to recognize the true impact of the organization. Distracted by media portrayal of North Korea and disillusioned stereotypes inspired by border-line offensive exposés such as The Interview, many individuals are incapable of comprehending the enormity of North Korea’s issues.

North Korea is being faced with injustice and trauma unimaginable to American society. We face our first world problems, absent mindedly, with minimal fear, and little to no worry. A day in the life of a North Korean doesn’t experience these luxuries. North Korean people live mainly in two categories: afraid or unknowing.

Many have organized action to help stop the injustice of North Korea, however due to tricky policies and legitimate danger, it has been almost impossible to help the North Koreans as a common individual, that is- until now. Liberty In North Korea was founded in 2004 as a plan to organized action to do just as their name suggests: liberate North Korea.

Divided into “Rescue Teams” schools and communities across the nation have begun to not only raise funds, but raise awareness for their cause.

Our very own campus has its own rescue team. With a goal to raise at least $3,000 by the end of the school year, the team has been working to coordinate and organize countless fundraisers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Cookies for North Korea, the team’s latest fundraiser, scheduled to run the week before Winter Break during both lunches. Students will be stationed at the LiNK booth ready to sell holiday notes with a free cookie attachment for only $1.50. Bring your spare bills and join in this global movement.

Interested in joining the team? Meetings are held every other Monday morning at 8 AM in Mr. Zentz’s classroom, room 204.

For more information on Liberty in North Korea in regards to their work, visit their website at:

Interested in donating? Simply go search for the Gov. John R. Rogers High School Rescue Team Donation page to get started.