Is it even Debatable?

The debate of all debates-Starbucks versus Bigfoot Java

There has been a lot of talk about which coffee shop is better: Starbucks or Bigfoot Java? Starbucks is a very well-known worldwide. Bigfoot is very well known too, but not as known as Starbucks

According to Shannon Doran, she loves Bigfoot Java. “I much rather prefer Bigfoot. For 1, they’re cheaper. For 2, the lines are faster and their workers are nicer.” Doran said.

Bigfoot is known for more juice drinks but a lot of people say their coffee is even better than Starbucks.

“Bigfoots White Chocolate Mochas are so bomb, it’s my favorite drink!” Doran said.

I always thought coffee was just coffee until my friend showed me Bigfoot. I fell in love with the coffee, so I can see what people are talking about.

“I would rather have Bigfoot than Starbucks, I personally do not think Starbucks is that good.” junior Kyle Naputi said.

Bigfoot is a drive-thru. You drive up to a window and you order. You do not get out of the car at all.

According to junior Tyler Herdt, he said “I prefer Bigfoot over Starbucks. The coffee is so much better”

Many agree that the workers at Bigfoot are a lot nicer than at Starbucks.

Usually, Starbucks is very fast, but sometimes but their coffees are disgusting. Bigfoot on the other hand, takes a long time to make the order well, and always apologize for the wait.

Although, Big Foot Java is getting a lot of nice things said about them, there are some Bigfoot Javas with horrible service. Puyallup is one that is very nice and quick but when I looked up reviews there was a lot of bad reviews on the one in Burien. It all depends on where you go.

There are some better drinks than others at Big Foot, just like some Starbucks drinks are better than others. That opinion from others doesn’t ultimately mean every drink is bad.

Different people have different preferences on each coffee shop. Either way they’re both very good, very well-known and both have so much clientele.


Starbucks has a lot of good reviews, but the Rogers Ram population thinks, Bigfoot is just better.