True Friends are the Best Friends

Teenagers, most of the time, face the challenge of having, or not having, genuine friendships. Being a good friend means being kind and not acting rude.

True friends are uplifting and have positive impacts on others. Most of the time, friends can be the best thing in a person’s life.

Sometimes, people will start to change in high school and start acting rude towards their friends. This is not a real friendship; it’s a toxic friendship.

Toxic friendships can have a negative impact on others. Being on the receiving end can feel like a one-sided relationship, meaning that only one person is trying.

Toxic friendships can affect everything going on in a person’s life. It can cause people to be unhappy with themselves and want to change in order to fit in, which isn’t necessary.

Being in a negative friendship is detrimental for mental health. If one person is bringing the other down, that can affect self-esteem, and bring up stress levels.

Unfortunately, some people believe that in order to be happy they have to make themselves seem better by acting rude towards their friends. These aren’t the values of being a genuine friend.

However, being a good, genuine friend is easy. People who are kind and caring towards others are the best fiends. Friends are supposed to lift spirits and be supportive.

It’s important for others to realize that sometimes they have to lose friends in order to be happy with their true friends. Just because some people may have been friends for a long time doesn’t mean they’re good friends.

If those friends are having a negative impact, then the best thing to do is realize that and find friends who have a positive impact.

True friendships are supposed to help boost self-esteem and lower the stress from school. The best thing about friends is receiving support and having someone being there.

Being left out of fun activities doesn’t show true friendships. When someone lies about what they’re doing and then goes off and does something else with other friends can be one of the worst feelings.

It’s rude and unacceptable to lie and leave someone out when they ask to do something. Most of the time, people don’t realize that they’re hurting others, so sometimes they need a reality check.

Always remember to forget about the negatives and looks for the positives when it comes to friendships.