Take Note

Make studying easier with these different ways of note taking

Story by Reilly Grant, Reporter

Eric Bailey
Taking good notes is very important, especially as you further your education. There are many ways to take notes, so use a method that works best for you.

The first way is a well-known note taking style, the Cornell style.  Cornell notes are broken into three sections.  One for main topics or main questions.  The second section is for the actual notes or the answers to the main questions.  Finally, the last section is for a quick couple sentence summary of your notes.

To set up the notes, grab your paper and draw a line from top to bottom of the page. Think of your page in fourths and draw on the first fourth.  This will make a column for the topics or main questions.  Next, draw a line about 6 lines from the bottom, this is where you will write your summary.  So now we have three sections or columns for topics, large box for notes, and a box at the bottom for our summary.

Our next way to take notes is categorizes, there is a few different ways to organize in this way. The first way is to take a page of notes on one topic and divide the page into different categorizes such as people, places, date, and extra info.  This way you can file all the info into each section.

The second way to categorize is to divide your page into sections of vocab, examples, and the actual notes. This could be especially helpful in a subject like math or science with equations and other notes like that.

Another way to organize information is to write a topic and bullet all the info about this topic, then go in with different colored highlighters and color code all the bulleted info.

Speaking of color coding, that’s another way to take notes. You can write down all the info, then highlight the info in different colors.  The different colors could be importance, topic, or many other things.

Another way to code is using colored pens. Write the info in different colors for importance and topics.  Maybe a green pen is example problems and a blue pen is vocabulary.  There are many ways to color code your notes.

Another way to take notes is to add pictures, it may not be an actual way to take notes but adding pictures can help you remember the important information. You can put something science related next to an equation for your chemistry class and little things like that.