Fun date night locations perfect for You

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

Dates are important, especially if you’re trying to get to know somebody. Even if you’re in a relationship you and your partner should still be going on random or planned dates.

“An amusement park would be a cute date because it’s just constant laughing and smiling. Plus we both can have fun” senior Tarik Cruz said.

A good date would be where you both can talk, see each other’s face, analyze the little things about that person and just really get to know them. A lot of people said ‘NO MOVIES” because there’s no communication there,

“My ideal date would be just something simple. Going to my house with a box of pizza and just watch movies” junior Brandon Tiggs said.

A date does not mean have a price point. It could be something simple or something extravagant.

“My ideal date would be to go to Seattle. First, we’d go to Pikes Place and walk around. Then, go to the Space Needle, and last would be to go to a Sounders game” junior McKenna Roan said.

“A date doesn’t need to be too much. Just something chill, not too much but not something too basic like the movies. Somewhere where you can get to know them, a lot of 1 on 1,” senior Ashley Gadberry said.

Getting to know that person on the first date is important because people will put up fronts to try and seem like a better person then they really are. Asking questions is good, a lot of communication is healthy.

“A cute date would be to take her to Paris, France. Take her to the Eiffel Tower and eat Mexican food, I know funny huh?  I would want her to sing to me while I play the saxophone and sit there and look at the stars. Next, we would walk along the river while eating ice cream. That sounds like the perfect date” senior Seth Torres said.

As you get older, and have a stable job, dates tend to be easier. For one, you have a constant income. Two, an apartment/home. Money is constant, so going on cute dates here and there is not complex.

Having that strong bond and that good energy around you is important. Being happy is healthy. So be with somebody who makes you happy and brings out those sides of you, you forget you have. Fulfills your needs.

Dates are necessary to keeping relationships alive.