What do Colleges Look For?

Everything you need to know when it comes to getting into your dream college

No matter what grade level, you may need to know what colleges look for in applicants if you plan on applying for colleges.

Different colleges have different expectations, especially if it’s a university or private school verses a community college. Universities and private colleges are typically four years while a community college is a two year college.

According to the office of admissions for the University of Washington, “the University of Washington seeks students who can benefit from its wealth of academic and cultural opportunities and contribute to its amazing energy and rich diversity of experience. Choosing students from a very able group of applicants requires a selection process that looks beyond grades and standardized tests. While these factors are important, they only tell part of the applicant’s story”.

This means that universities not only check out your GPA, they see if you have participated in any sports or clubs and the amount of community service hours you have because it shows that you go above and beyond to be involved in school.

Universities also search for students who have taken advantage of Advanced Placement courses or running start. Taking full academic advantage of senior year is also a factor that the University of Washington seeks in applicants.

Some students decide to get their associates degree at a community college and then continue to get their bachelors degree at a university to save money. At Pierce college, the annual cost to attend is $3,522 whereas at the University of Washington the in-state tuition is $25,948 according to collegedata.com

Typically technical colleges do not have the same requirements as universitites and are much easier to get into. According to pierce.ctc.edu, pierce college seeks students who value learning, accountability, sustainability, integrity and respect.

As it gets closer to the time to start on college applications, you now have a bteer understanding of what univerities seek in a student verses what a community college looks for. If you want to take on more of a challenge then a university is the place for you but if you want a more relaxing school, then getting into a community college would definitely be a more ideal choice.