History at Its Finest

Story by Jillian Shelton, Reporter

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton, has taken the States by storm. And, from experience, it’s no surprise.

It took quite some time for me to actually come to love Hamilton. I didn’t like the fact that it had something to do with history, but as time went on and the more I listened to it, it became something I frequently find myself listening to.

“At first, the songs sounded the same,” drama teacher, Paul Hill, said, “but, as I saw clips of it and started to pay more attention to the lyrics, I appreciated it much more.”

It’s captivating. Everything from the words to the choreography – entertaining and extremely catchy.

I love the way this musical was put together. It’s not your normal Broadway show. Before Hamilton, I’ve never heard of a
musical that consisted of rapping.

Seeing it live is much different than just listening to the soundtrack – you get more perspective as to how each character felt. You may think the character means one thing when you hear them, but seeing their movement and body language changes everything at times.

Personally, I wouldn’t change anything. Yes, Eliza and Philip Hamilton probably did deserve better, but Miranda did them justice with the lyrics that were sung by them.

The whole show is an emotional roller coaster. The first act is very happy and peppy sounding because it’s simply introducing the characters and mainly how Eliza and Alexander Hamilton fell in love.

The second act isn’t so happy. Alexander invents a new kind of stupid, a ‘damage you can never undo’ kind of stupid, an ‘open all the cages in the zoo’ kind of stupid when he prints information about his affair whilst Eliza is away. Once that happens, everything continues to snowball downhill.

The whole show is amazing, though. I end up crying, but so do most people if they listen to it from start to finish.
So, congratulations, Miranda. You’ve created a phenomenon.

When it comes to Seattle, don’t throw away your shot to see it.