Spring art show: A chance for artists to shine

Dive into the details and go behind the scenes of the RHS 2023 spring art show.


Photo by Kaydence Christopher

AP Art student Young Ji hangs up a drawing for the art show.

An artist often takes pride in being able to make a name for themselves by showcasing their art for others to admire.

The spring art show allows just that for Rogers High School students. The art show, set up in the library from May 16-18, has a sort of sophisticated and striking atmosphere.

Walking in, your senses are overtaken by shades of blue, pink, orange, black and pretty much every color imaginable.

There are tables lined up, covered in various ceramic projects, and walls decorated in paintings, drawings and digital art pieces.

As you travel through the library gazing at all of the art that is strategically placed by the AP Art students, drawing and painting teacher Paul Gorski, and ceramics teacher Amy Arand, you can feel the sense of pride that these artists have for their work — as well as the countless hours that were spent on making the art pieces.

The placement of the ceramic pieces of art are decided by Arand.

“For the spring show I base it off of senior showcases because they each have a body of work versus just two pieces so I set up the entire center and back with senior showcases. I like to put a senior showcase right in the front to get people’s attention,” Arand said

The senior showcase allows people to see how students have grown throughout their years here at RHS, how their art has changed for the better, new techniques and skills they’ve acquired since they first entered RHS as a sophomore ready to start their high school journey.

Each senior has five or more of their pieces in this art show, pieces that were carefully selected by them to show their artist mind.

One senior, Hope Isom, is especially proud of everything she has accomplished in the spring art show, even helping after school to help keep the show grounded while serving refreshments.

“I think it’s really exciting to let other students especially see our work because we work really hard on our projects, and I think it’s fun when we get to see visitors admiring them,” Isom said.

Isom is an experienced artist that is incredibly proud of her peers for being able to put their art out there for others to see.

“I think I’ve made my mark as a senior; I’ve spent two years in the ceramics department, and it’s been really fun to grow over time and go from the person that needed help to be able to help other people in my class with their projects,” Isom said.

There are over 500 art pieces displayed, and each and every one was made carefully by an art student, every little detail being complex and specific to what the artist wanted to show.

“We take a lot of time in deciding which pieces to use for the art show, each student having a minimum of two,” Gorski said.

There are pieces that generate immense feelings as you view them, really making you think and delve into the mind of the artist, their struggles, and what gives them joy.

The spring art show has been something that has been going on for a long period of time, over 30 years, that generations of students have participated in throughout the years, which makes being able to participate in the art show feel impowering and special to the students in the art department.