Homecoming is finally back!

Students are prepared for first homecoming in 3 years.


Photo by Skylar Temple

A poster in the commons celebrates Rogers’ first homecoming in three years.

After 3 years, Rogers can finally plan Homecoming 2022 for all students at Rogers High School. Planned by Leadership at Rogers, the theme, A Night Under the Stars is to represent a night full of dancing, music and fun. Students will gather in the evening for the Homecoming celebration under the stars. The dance will be held at the Tacoma Convention Center.  

Tickets for the dance were made to be affordable for every student at Rogers wanting to attend. Starting at $20 w/ASB and $25 without from 9/26-9/30, $23 w/ASB and $30 without from 10/3-10/7, and finally $35 w/ASB and $40 without from 10/10-10/12. With pushed out dates and prices increasing, “It’s intended to persuade students to want to buy the ticket sooner than later,” stated by Neeley.  

Years prior this location has worked financially and a convenient spot according Vanessa Neely, the bookkeeper and leadership teacher. A photobooth and DJ will be there to make the night exciting and memorable.  

 Not many students this year have attended a homecoming in the past due to Covid-19. Many of the students this year are excited to go because of the opportunity for a fun exciting night. 

The money for the tickets will go towards Rogers extracurricular activities. In the future we will look up at the night sky and see the stars and it will remind us of the night and bring back happy memories we made as an RHS Ram.