Chilling games you can play at home 

In the first of our series, we explore Answer Man.

There are some truly terrifying games that you can play in the middle of the night at a sleepover with your friends! Wouldn’t you like to know some idea’s on what to play, how to play them, and the things you need to get in order to play? Some things are better left unknown, but here we talk about games that will give you nightmares for weeks, they may even bring a spirit into your home good or bad. But be warned you shouldn’t try any of these games if you have any heart issues, if your afraid of the truth or outcome, nor should you try any of these if you are scared of the dark! What you read throughout this series are some of the scariest games you shouldn’t play alone at night.

When you play the Answer Man game you will call a spirit, nobody knows his true name, but they will only answer one person’s call. Should you be the person whom is answered by the Answer Man, you can ask any question you want, and the Answer Man will answer your question. However knowledge comes at a price, after you ask your question he will ask theirs to you. When you are asked the question you must answer truthfully and correctly. Should you lie or answer incorrectly the Answer Man you will feel a slight tingling sensation on some area of your body. That is a terrible sign, some unknown time later that organ or body part is to be lost in some way.

Here’s how you play! You and nine other friends will need to purchase phones, preferably burner phones. As you each walk in and sit down in a circle, you all will need to get the number of the person to your left. You will need to find a way to call the person to your left in sync with the rest of the group, not a moment earlier, not a moment later. Only ONE of the people in the group will be answered, everyone else should be sent to voicemail. The person will be able to ask any question they’d like, however they cannot put the call on speakerphone, they cannot ask questions other people in the group tell them to ask, and they cannot pass the phone around the group so they can ask their questions. They are required to answer truthfully and correctly, if they don’t an unfortunate fate awaits them some time in the future. This process will repeat as many times as the person who was answered ask’s the Answer Man a question.

When the person is finished asking all their questions and answering the questions the Answer Man has given them they must tell him that they must go. The Answer Man will try to keep you on call with him by saying he will provide you information without you having to answer a question. However you absolutely cannot agree to this, for it is a trick! He will find a way to ask you a question, one that is most likely impossible for you to answer. The person who was answered cannot hang up on the Answer Man, they must remain persistent that they must go, and the Answer Man will say goodbye and then the Answer Man will hang up. After the game is done you must destroy all of the phones, that is why it is suggested that you buy burner phones. You might just get a call that can scare your soul right out of you if you don’t.

What’s the story behind this terrifying game you may ask? It is said that the game originated in Japan. Some people who live there might know him as the Phantom of the Answer or the Answer Phantom. It has been told to many people that there was a woman who was pregnant with a baby boy. When she had to deliver the baby, the boy came out, but had no body. Other versions of the terrible outcome of the child might say that rather than being bodyless, he was simply a child that was born with severe deformities, being left without arms, legs, or even a torso. Just a head. However in every version, its said that everyone who plays his game is a chance for him to build his own body. Every person who lies or gives him an incorrect answer, allows him to get closer to achieving his goal to walk about the earth along with society, bringing havoc everywhere he goes.