Megan Gratzer is crowned Daffodil Princess 2020

Five qualified candidates were presented for a Daffodil title.

Megan Gratzer was crowned the 2020 Daffodil princess from Rogers High School on October 17 in the PAC. Following the theme “Honoring the Past,” with a full hour of speeches and impromptu question-responses, Gratzer was inaugurated.

The other four candidates for the crown were Alliyah Evans, Felicity Ankrom, Kyara Mitchell and Noelle White. They were escorted by JROTC members Jacob Colley, Jeremiah Filoteo, Shawn Stone, William Ramirez-Ramos, and Duane O’Brien. Grazter was escorted by Filoteo, while Evans was escorted by Colley, Ankrom by Stone, Mitchell by Ramirez-Ramos and finally White by O’Brien.

Everyone was required to give a speech about honoring the past, answer an impromptu question, and have a private interview with the judges.

Before the audience was present, there was a long hour of nervous waiting, singing, and pacing in the hallway. They all completed their interviews with the panel. The candidates then went to the dressing room to change into dresses in beautiful colors of green, teal, pink, lilac, and yellow.

Moments before the coronation began, with candy in hands, they lined up for their first picture within a hall not far from the dressing room. Pictures were taken and they gave a heart-warming thanks and little bags of candy to their JROTC escorts. The candidates hugged their assigned escort and went back to the dressing room to fix any last-minute adjustments and chat.

While they waited, the JROTC escorts and Color Guard thought they deserved a photo shoot of their own. When that was over, they went back to their own space and practiced and chatted away. Princess’ came back out for another round of pictures with flowers. Then they soon lined up with their escorts and waited a little while to walk to the stage, where they will be introduced.

One by one, they were called to the stage with the spotlight on them and addressed whom they appreciated, then left the stage with their escort and flowers in hands.

Speeches were then delivered referring to the theme, and right after had to answer a question on the fly. Once they all completed their piece, the judges had to start discussing who would be the best fit as princess.

Once the last princess came and finished her speech, they all lined up again with their escorts and waited patiently for a few moments as the previous Daffodil princess came up and spoke. Haley Beyer gave her farewell speech and welcomed the new Daffodil Princess for the new year for 2020.

The princesses moved forward without their escorts and waited an intensive minute. When the princess was called to be crowned, the shock on her face was incredible. She stepped forward and was officially crowned 2020 Daffodil Princess.

Gratzer inherited the title of Daffodil Princess and will be joining the Daffodil Royal Court that is comprised of 23 senior ladies across Pierce County.

When princesses join the Royal Court, they gain critical lessons, experiences and developing of themself as they attend many things in a tight schedule. They meet and experience different lifestyles from everywhere within Pierce County. Finally, they will have a coronation as a group for Daffodil Queen in March, and be showcased in April at the annual Daffodil Parade.

The tradition of Daffodil Princess has been around for almost a century. Starting in 1926, many princesses have come and gone since then. It’s a huge dedication for all of the Princesses but they learn all kinds of things while on the Royal Court. Stay tuned for more from your Daffodil Princess.