How hiking can change Your Life

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What are the sights you appreciate the most in life? For some, your mind goes immediately to one place. It’s a common agreement that the scenery when enjoying a hike to great heights or on low trails is something worth experiencing, and nature is one topic that our community can agree is a precious sight to see.

As someone living within ‘The Evergreen State’, being surrounded by green is a top priority. There are plenty of spots in the state of Washington to visit and take in rewarding views. Not only is hiking a way to get yourself and family out of the house and closer to the outdoors, but it is also rewarding to your health.

When a person brainstorms how to get in better shape, the most frequent answers are to get a gym membership, get on a fitness program, go for a run, and many more. However, what is often forgotten is that hiking is free, and gives you all the benefits of raising your heart rate as well as allowing you to burn calories while you “go off the beaten path” where you choose.

Hiking allows anyone and everyone, at any age, to get out and about and appreciate the natural views that this land provides; to be grateful for what is natural about the state we reside in.

Whether it’s a visit on an up-hill hike to a cliff overlooking water like Rattlesnake Ridge, or a stroll back to a scene with waterfalls, there is always a way to get out and reward yourself with some fresh air.

Top spots to visit in WA:

  1. Rattlesnake ridge
  2. Franklin falls
  3. Snow Lake trail
  4. Enchantments trails
  5. Granite Mountain trail
  6. Beckler peak
  7. Pete Lake
  8. Pratt Lake trail
  9. Vancecreek Bridge