School Clubs You Might Not Know Much About

Story by Kalani Woolery, Reporter

Even though we are in second semester you still have time to join the clubs and be prepared for next year.

Key club is one of the biggest clubs here at RHS. Key club is held every other Wednesday at 2:30 in the library. Key club is a service organization, sponsored by Kiwanis Puyallup services. The students in key club do community service. According to Ms. Hall they “serve the school, serve local community, and something that impacts the world”. There is about 116 members in Key Club. You must attend the meetings regularly and pay dues, and have at least 10 hours of volunteer work per semester, and has to be a key club event.

If you’re feeling creativity then Ceramics and art club the place for you. Both ceramics and art club are held in the art building from 2:30 –five. In art club you can do what you want for the most part. If you are currently taking an art class then you can come and finish a project you didn’t finish in class, same thing goes for ceramics ceramics club you can make tiles, a box or molds. Although if you start to make too many things you will get charged for the supplies.

GSA (Gay -straight-alliance) might be a club you would want to join. According to Ms. Hallberg GSA is a “supportive place”. Anyone can join GSA and just like any club you would chat, socialize, and vent about things. According to Ms. Hallberg they have a “day of silence to protest bullying” .GSA is held in room 212 every Thursday from 2:25-3:30.

Another club to pursue your creativity is Photography club. Even if you are not in photography you can still join the club. But it would help if you at least took photography one.   In the club you can do Photoshop   , use computers. It is a very leisurely club so you have free reign to do what you want, involving photography. The photography club takes photos at JROTC drills and take photos outside of school as well.