Name Brands Nike and Adidas Battling Over Superiority

Story by Gabby Parreno, Reporter

Name brands are very popular now-a-days. Two very large well-known name brands are Nike and Adidas. There’s a big debate on which is better. So to find out about Nike and Adidas we got to go around and ask the Rogers high school students on their thoughts of this.

Junior Chyna Callier said, ‘I prefer Adidas, it’s less mainstream and not as basic”

When you’re out in the gym or at a sports game usually everybody’s wearing some type of clothing related to Nike or Adidas.

“I prefer Nike over Adidas. I have been conditioned to the swoosh also, I think Nike has better designs” Justin Rambow said.

A lot of people have said that. The “Swoosh I love”, that’s what makes Nike stand out and pop.

Junior Caleb Laupola said, “I prefer Nike, it’s just more popular and I think there stuff looks better”

Nike makes $27.8 billion a year and Adidas makes $17 billion a year according to Google.

Nike and Adidas are the two largest sportswear companies in the world. Neither is better than the other, they’re both on the same level.

In Europe, Adidas is the largest manufacture for sportswear and the second largest manufacture for sports in the world.

Nike sells over 100,000,000 pairs of shoes each year.

“Yes I do love Nike and their shoes, but out of all the Nike shoes I have my 1 pair of Adidas I do have I love. If we’re talking numbers ill chose my 1 pair of Adidas then all my Nikes.” Rambow said.

Both Adidas and Nike are international companies and are popular in other countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, etc.

Nike is based in Oregon and Adidas is based in Europe.

People prefer either or, it all depends on you. Going around and asking it’s been said Adidas is in the same comparison as Nike. That question is just based on your own perspective.